CPPD Update 2019 Learning Programs — Self-paced, 9.25 CEUs

The CPPD Update 2019 Learning Programs were developed to support British Columbia Pharmacy professionals.

You can enroll in the course from this link http://courses.cpe.ubc.ca/browse/ubcv/pharmaceutical-sciences-cpe/programs/cppd-update-2019.  If you already have a Campus Wide Login (CWL) or already have an account, please sign in. If not, you can create a free Canvas Catalogue account at https://courses.cpe.ubc.ca/programs/215/enrollment/new. Enter your full name and email, click the box beside I agree to the Acceptable Use Policy and acknowledge the Privacy Policy to enroll in the program. To print the Statement of Attendance, please use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Learning Objectives
UBC Continuing Pharmacy Professional Development (CPPD) is offering this series of accredited learning programs which will update your knowledge and skills enabling you to:

  • Utilize practical and relevant medical information in educating patients about Cannabis use.
  • Differentiate between Probiotics and discuss the evidence related to their use.
  • Inform patients and help select the best Contraceptive Method for their Reproductive Health needs.
  • Use online renal-related resources to optimize care of patients with Kidney Disease.
  • Educate and manage patients with Chronic Hepatitis C who are receiving Direct Acting Antivirals.
  • Assess and appraise various Online References and Apps available for use in your health care practice.
  • Incorporate evidence regarding common medical beliefs into shared-informed decision making with patients.
  • Employ techniques and considerations from a patient’s perspective to better manage patients with HIV

Continuing Education/Professional Development Credits (CEUs)
Presentations are accredited for BC Pharmacy Professionals only. To receive credits for each module complete the learner reflective activity and presentation evaluation.

  • CPPD Update 2019: Cannabis — # of CEUs: 0.75 (BC-2019-005-ISP)
    Presenter: Shelina Rayani, BSc(Pharm), RPh, ACPR, CSPI 
  • CPPD Update 2019: Contraception — # of CEUs: 1.5 (BC-2019-007-ISP)
    Presenter: Judith A. Soon, BSc(Pharm), RPh, ACPR, MSc, Dipl(Epi & Biostats), PhD, FCSHP
  • CPPD Update 2019: Health Infomatics — # of CEUs: 1.5 (BC-2019-010-ISP)
    Presenter: Jason Min, BSc(Pharm), RPh 
  • CPPD Update 2019: Hepatitis C — # of CEUs: 1.5 (BC-2019-009-ISP)
    Presenter: Trana Hussaini, BSc(Pharm), PharmD, ACPR, RPh 
  • CPPD Update 2019: Kidney Disease Patients — # of CEUs: 1.5 (BC-2019-008-ISP)
    Presenter: Fong Chan, BSc(Pharm), PharmD, ACPR, RPh
  • CPPD Update 2019: Living with HIV — # of CEUs: 0.75 (BC-2019-012-ISP)
    Presenter: Alan Samuelson, BSc(Pharm), Hospital Pharmacy Resident (University Hospital, Edm.) 
  • CPPD Update 2019: Mythbusting 101 — # of CEUs: 1.0 (BC-2019-011-ISP)
    Presenter: James McCormack, BSc(Pharm), PharmD 
  • CPPD Update 2019: Taking A Critical Look at Probiotics — # of CEUs: 0.75 (BC-2019-006-ISP)
    Presenter: Desiree Nielsen, BSc, RD 

Expiry Date
September 25, 2020

Program Enquiries
For more information about the CPPD Update 2019 Learning Programs, please email ying.gu@ubc.ca or call (604) 827-3108.