Self-Study Modules

Self Study Modules

The Canadian Pharmacy Practice Program publishes the Pharmacy Foundations Review Guide, comprised of a number of independent study modules (in print or PDF format) based on the Canadian undergraduate pharmacy curriculum. Production of these modules has been made possible through a financial contribution from Health Canada, in collaboration with the Western and Northern Health Human Resources Planning Forum and its member jurisdictions.

The modules are not intended for remediation nor are they intended to capture an entire undergraduate course. Rather, the purpose is to assist those pharmacists, whether educated in Canada or overseas, who already possess the required academic qualifications and who wish to review and refresh aspects of their undergraduate knowledge. As with any overview, each module discusses some (but not all) of the key elements of the topic based on a Canadian undergraduate pharmacy curriculum, and may suggest suitable resources for those seeking additional review of the topic.

To view the Learning Outcome Objectives for each module, click on the module title. Currently available modules:

Available modules:

  1. Adverse drug reactions and drug safety; Barbara Cadario, author.
  2. Bioethics; Frank M. Archer, author.
  3. Chronic kidney disease: The basics; Christina Bodnar, Jennifer Dyck, Bruce Lang, and Peter Ricci, authors.
  4. Community pharmacy administration; Parveen Mangat, author.
  5. Drug interactions: Mechanisms and clinical application; Dorothy Li, author.
  6. Governance of pharmacy practice; Karen Wolfe, author.
  7. Medicinal chemistry, Part I: Therapeutic targets and drug design; David Grierson, author.
  8. Medicinal chemistry, Part II: Drug design of major therapeutic drug classes; David Grierson, author.
  9. Pharmacoeconomics: The basics and methods of evaluation; John Woolcott, author. 
  10. Pharmacoepidemiology: Basic concepts; Mahyar Etminan, author.
  11. Pharmacokinetics and biopharmaceutics: Basic concepts; Wayne Riggs, author.
  12. Pharmacology of drugs in neurology; Alan Low and Elaine Chong, authors.
  13. Pharmacology of the autonomic nervous system; Brian Cairns, author.
  14. The genetics of personalized medicine; Ron Reid, author.
  15. The molecular biology of personalized medicine; Ron Reid, author. 
  16. The pharmacist's guide to cardiology: Heart failure, hypertension and acute coronary syndrome; Wendy Gordon, author.

These modules are available in either hard copy (printed) or PDF (downloadable) format at $49.00 per copy plus GST (total amount $51.45 per module). They can be ordered here.

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