Success Stories

“Couple of weeks ago I was working in a pharmacy and became aware that an error happened to a patient. This is a pharmacy I don't work in that frequently and the error had happened 2 years ago but patient figured it out just recently. So clearly error was not my fault (I wasn't even in Canada when it has occurred!) but at the moment I was the pharmacist in charge who should deal with an angry patient. Frankly, it was an unacceptable error and the consequences could be very serious.

I was going to panic, but I remembered that we had a similar scenario in CP3 classroom (a role-playing between you and a student). So I was able to organize my thoughts and use the approach that you have taught us: apology- are you ok?- why that happened- how we are fixing the problem- apology- how we make sure it would never happen again- apology!!

After making my phone calls, not only was the patient happy about the results, but also the pharmacy staff were amazed how the situation was handled. 

I'll give most of the credit to CP3 and yourself to help me have right vision and proper approach to pharmacy practice in Canada.”Mehrdad Rezaei, Spring 2013 graduate

“My name is Mohamed Hessein Hassona. I was one of the Canadian Pharmacy Practice program (CP3) students in May, 2011. Today, I am writing this letter not only to appreciate the members of CP3 who taught me and helped me in my training but also to show that the effect of CP3 program extended to affect other pharmacists in another part of the world. 

As you know, I am an assistant professor in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Helwan University, Egypt. When I went to Egypt for a short period in November 2011, I went to my faculty and I instantaneously started to change the lab work of one of the pharmacy school courses, called ‘Applied Therapeutics.’ I made it like the lab work in the CP3 program and I changed it to meet the same objectives and goals of CP3 program. In addition, I gave two lectures to demonstrate pharmacy practice in Canada, including how I handled some cases in my 500 hours-practicum according to the Canadian style of pharmacy practice. Actually, the students became very interested and they said ‘“this course changed our way of thinking in the scope of pharmacy practice.”’

I’d like to add that, I am a registered pharmacist in Maryland, USA and I got my PhD degree from The Ohio State University. However, the six months that I spent in the CP3 program affected my thought process more than the four and half years that I spent in USA. 

Finally, I would like to thank CP3 program members for their efforts and I strongly recommend this program to any international pharmacist who wishes to be a skilled pharmacist.”Mohamed Hessein Hassona, Spring 2011 graduate

"The CP3 program has been a guide to me until this day.  The curriculum, labs (phone calls) have helped me in exams and practice.  I am lucky to have took the course as it has opened a lot of doors." - Waeel Ameen, Fall 2009 graduate